Tremedous Service and I really appreciate your help.


Shoalhaven’s internet requirements were for fast, easy, economical access for residents, who often want a access as soon as they move in.  Freedom offered the Body Corporate a means to offer this service, a big plus for the building.

Freedom was recommended by a property manager with a number of apartments here.  He had a apartments in several properties offering Freedom Internet.  After the initial contact, installation went smoothly, and over the years Freedom have upgraded their equipment so that they always offer a high quality service.  Service calls are always answered promptly, without hours of being on hold, and any issues remedied within a short time.

Three words to describe Freedom Internet?  Fast, reliable, unlimited.

As Building Managers and users of Freedom Internet, we appreciate the patient, friendly efficient service offered by the techs, help desk staff and account managers


Jenni Weir – Shoalhaven Building Manager

Very friendly staff who was more than helpful and attentive to my issues. Highly recommend!


I have no issues with using Freedom Internet. Easy setup, reasonable pricing, good speeds and no contract! I am a software developer and deploy systems onto US servers and this is the best provider in Australia that I have used to date. Recently the service had been updated and the speed is even better than before. Dead easy to connect to, fast and fully secure without the hassles of a 24 month or more contract. Want more? Great pricing as well. Thanks and keep up the great service guys!

Paul Cadell

We have been looking to upgrade Wi-Fi services for our apartment buildings beyond the existing ADSL+2. The desire to connect multiple devices and the data hungry activities of residents left the ADSL+2 falling well short of demand. The NBN roll out in most areas is nonexistent or seriously delayed. As such, we researched a number of options for an internal commercial Wi-Fi network and settled on Freedom Internet. The components of the business model were more than acceptable to our Owners Corporation committees.

The scoping, installation and service delivery were all delivered as discussed and agreed and the residents have all given positive feedback. In our business, we only ever hear about problems and Freedom Internet have never made that list.

Freedom adopts the approach that they must offer a superior service to attract ongoing users which results in wall to wall high speed internet coverage of the property. We have already started rolling out Freedom’s service to our other buildings and introducing our Owners Corporation Manager colleagues as the need for a high speed Wi-Fi service for residents to connect is an issue in this industry.


Simon Winter

Winter & Stewart, Owners Corporation Managers

We are often out of New Zealand for several months at a time and Freedom Internet’s no contract service has been fantastic. It is great to go away and not have to pay for a service that you do not use. The first time we joined up it took several days to get on line but since then a phone call on our return sees us online again within hours. We are happy with the speed which measures fast or very fast depending on the meter employed and the time of day. We have had no problem streaming to a TV and simultaneously to a computer.

Neal Mccarthy

Very easy to set up . Great coverage and excellent customer service. So prompt with all customer enquiries. Well done Freedom. We will use you again for sure.


Wifi connection was great. Set up was done within two minutes. Great customer service. Thank you for your help Andre. Thanks

John Gold

I have always been treated with courtesy and quick resolution to any problems that have arisen (which have been very few). Thank you

Lou Reid

Quite good speed and no major issues so far. Good thing is there’s no contract at all.


Just had a call with Louie to help me set up my Apple TV on my new unlimited Wifi plan. She called me within 5 min of submitting my email and did a great job adding my set top box to my new home WiFi. Thank you!!

Maya Chbeir

Have been using freedom internet for the whole year and have never had an issue until today. The issue was solved quickly and simply by the customer service team. Rem was a great representative, extremely friendly and helpful and was a pleasure to deal with.

Tabitha Hunter

Our experience with Freedom Internet has been positive from start to finish. The Customer journey has been effortless and the turnaround time to have us up and running was exceptional (we were not used to such service!). 

They are relationship focused and do what they say will do which was so was important to us when it came to running our business.  

We are receiving fantastic speeds on our 500Mbps plan and would highly recommend Freedom Internet Business Broadband to others.

-Brooke, Customer Driven


We just sign-up pay by credit card and connect instantly! 
Very happy with their service. Don’t have to worry about phone lines or cable connections!

Ashley Smith

Overall,the services of Freedom internet is really good. They provide the best services. I really appreciate it. It was wonderful 😉


We have used Freedom Internet for the past 8 months. We have experienced excellent service and extremely competent technicians and customer service representatives. The service is fast and reliable and has been much appreciated while we have been here from overseas!

Zhang Wei

Fast very good easy to understand. Didn’t need to wait , cheap and no need to lock any contracts. No waiting period, very helpful staff.

Lily Morgan

The biggest selling point for me is speed & reliability.  I am loving the speeds, both upload & download – faster than anything else I’ve been able to source in my apartment. Add to this that there are no contracts or equipment fees.

Smudge McNeilage

Body Corporate Chairperson, Alpha Apartments, Auckland

I’m so totally satisfied every time you guys can’t do enough to help problem solved thank you. I can’t recommend you highly enough.