Subsequent to Freedom Internet Terms of Use:



Upon signing this Service Order, you acknowledge that:



1. You and any nominated contacts are authorised to request the service orders, changes/upgrades, and or transfer of existing services and installation components as detailed below.


2. You are aware that changes/upgrades or transferring of existing services may incur charges from the losing carrier.


3. Submission of this Service Order constitutes an irrevocable offer to Freedom Internet which may, at Freedom Internet’s sole discretion, be accepted in whole or in part.


4. Agree to be bound by Freedom Internet’s Terms and Conditions for the full Contract Term as detailed in Freedom Internet’s Terms and Conditions which is available at htps://


5. Termination of the agreement prior to the expiration of the Contract Term will obligate you to pay the resulting amount of Freedom Internet’s loss and expense as it shall reasonably estimate which may include remaining recurring and non-recurring service charges regardless of the circumstances under which such termination may arise.


6. If the end user requirements and service location are not as advised Freedom Internet may withdraw any offer of services. Service installation may be affected by local or network infrastructure conditions and/or required permissions for works and may delay deployment of the accepted services. Any additional costs incurred will be forwarded to the end user for consideration and acceptance in accordance with these terms and conditions.


7. This proposal has been provided on the basis of the available information relating to the install location, infrastructure requirements and strictly subject to a site survey. Freedom Internet reserves the right not to progress an installation if site conditions are unsatisfactory or subject to third party commercial terms. A fee for service (FFS) related to site specific works may apply. This Service Order is NOT a guarantee of service. Should a site survey return a negative result for the required service, and no alternatives are offered or accepted, then a full refund of the Install Charge will be provided.


8. The undersigned acknowledges that this agreement for services includes the installation of carrier equipment within the nominated premises and accepts the requirements. This may also require notification to premises owner/landlord.


9. All pricing is exclusive of GST