Oh what a night! Freedom Internet Brand Launch

First up was Australia.

We booked a function suite at the Hilton Surfers Paradise on the sunny Gold Coast and all our team from across the country flew in to join the fun. It was fitting that the Gold Coast was the chosen location, as this is where our first Australian building was installed back in 2013.

We had kept the brand a complete secret from everyone, so there was excitement (and some nerves!) throughout the day as we did some final preparation. The team finished work  early so they could relax, spend some quality time with their colleagues and get scrubbed up ready for the big event.

We were greeted with drinks, nibbles and a caricature on arrival, everyone had dressed to impress. It was a real treat to see our engineers out of their polos and in their suits, they stole the show for sure!

Our CEO James Bayly presented our new strategy to the team, which talked about 4 pillars of success.

–          Operational excellence

–          Targeted growth

–          Stronger relationships

–          Leadership development

Our new company values were also presented for the first time, which came with a special story of how they were formed. These were created (with Marques help) by 8 Freedom team members of all different ages, cultures, length of service and locations. The Directors wanted these to really encapsulate the essence of what makes Freedom a great place to work. The values team did a fantastic job of this, and Marque injected creative magic to bring these to life.

This was well received by all, and we had a short break for more food, drinks and suspense.

It was finally time to unveil our new brand, and with the team sworn to secrecy (not to spoil our NZ and Manila teams launch) James took to the stage for the final formality of the night.

The brand was presented on a big screen, with an explanation of why we were changing our image so drastically. The reaction was just as we wanted it, surprised, delighted, and keen to understand it on a deeper level. When the uniforms and cars were displayed the excitement built, this helped the team visualise how it would be used day to day, and the response was incredibly positive.

There was a take-home gift of a personalised water bottle, which was chosen because of Freedoms popular health and wellness program. The team carried on into the early hours as we celebrated how far we’ve come as a business, and our exciting future!

Next up, New Zealand.

Launch number two was the following week in Auckland and again we closed the offices early. We chose The Blue Stone Room for this event, and the atmosphere was fantastic from start to finish. We followed the same schedule as the Australian event, and the night went off without a hitch and we had an equally positive response to the new brand.

This event was particularly special as the Directors and their wives were in attendance, it was fantastic for the team to share this milestone with them.

Last, and certainly not least, Philippines.

The team gathered at the Manila office for a Skype presentation hosted by James. This enthusiastic team look after our customer service desk. They played a huge part developing our new brand as they have a strong understanding of who our customers are and are well known both internally and externally for the exceptionally friendly service they deliver. The presentation was well received and the team went out to dinner to celebrate after.

The launch events were followed with a brand advent calendar in each of our offices, and every day for the next 2 weeks another piece of the brand was revealed in way of a gift for the team. This included new business cards, on brand lollies, stationary, caps, and even a personalised dog bowl for our office dogs Ollie and Casey!

Freedom has come a long way in their 8 years of operation, with many changes along the way. As a company we’ve never looked so different, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion and dedication from the team across 3 countries.

What is a brand?

WHAT we stand for

WHAT makes us different

WHAT we promise our customers

Basically our brand is us!