8 simple steps for a stress free apartment move

8 simple steps for a stress free apartment move

Are you exhausted at the thought of moving apartments? Stressed out and don’t know where to begin? We are here to help!

Don’t let moving become another worry – turn it into an exciting new adventure instead! We understand there are lots of tasks needing to be completed for your move to be stress-free. Follow our handy checklist so you can move in with ease, excitement and begin exploring your new area straight away!

Step 1 – Let’s double check the lease!


Make sure the leaving is just as stress free as moving in. Your landlord may need to inspect the apartment, and be sure to check how much notice they need before your departure, possibly including a written notice too. Remember – keep your landlord happy as they will make a great reference for your next apartment!

Step 2 – Achieve your Goal!

Give yourself an estimated date for when you would like to move to your desired apartment- This will set you up with a time frame of how quickly you need to organise everything.

To make your move possible, set in place a budget you are willing to spend. This should include the travel to your new place, the possibility of hiring the service of a moving company and any new extras for your apartment you may need.

Step 3 – Preparing for your move!

Work out how far away your new apartment is and the amount of luggage you will be taking with you to indicate whether you can accomplish the move independently, need to hire a professional moving company or politely ask some of your close friends or family to help.

Moving Independently: Consider your travel options! If you are driving, make sure you have enough space in your vehicle and pre-map your journey. If you are using public transport, only pack what you can carry and research your preferred departure/arrival times.

Hire Professional Help: Research reviews of moving companies in your area while also asking friends/family for any recommendations- Don’t forget to double check your budget!

Help from Friends/Family: The more relaxed option! Return the favour with some petrol money and maybe treat them to their favourite takeaway!

Step 4 – Admin is key!

Important contacts to call to update them on your new address:

Your Bank

Any Insurance companies you are with

Your doctors/dental surgery

Your work/university

This is also a perfect time to pack and double check any important documents you have so you don’t lose them during your move.

Step 5 – Moving in Essentials!

Make a checklist now of any tasks you will need to organise before you move in.

If you have a vehicle, make sure you check your new place offers parking or if you can safely park on the street or at a safe location nearby.

If you are moving out of town, you will need to register with a new doctor’s office – Research the reviews of local doctors and give them a call to tick this off the list.

Don’t forget to organise your Internet! We understand the importance of the internet and how you should never have to go without it! If you are moving into one of the buildings we service, simply go online to connect as soon as you move in to experience a world of freedom. From there we will sort the rest!

Step 6 – De-clutter Time!

Time to feel refreshed by de-cluttering those unneeded items! Less belongings to pack = less to worry about on your moving day! Compile boxes to give away to your local charities, hand items over to your friends or family or even take advantage of all the online buy and sell sites. The extra cash can go towards your moving budget or extra shopping for your new place!

Step 7 – Pack, Label, Repeat!

The more you label and organise your items now, the easier it will be to unpack and enjoy your new home! Pack up the boxes while labelling which room the items are for and label the boxes that are essential to unpack first.


Step 8 – Moving day!

The day is finally here! You will be exhausted from the travel and excitement of finally moving into your new home so make sure you start by unpacking the essentials, then chip away at the rest throughout the week. Make sure you research local grocery stores for your food essentials before your moving day- maybe even see if you can request a food delivery so you can really settle in!

Finally kick back, relax, order in your favourite take away and queue on a good movie – you deserve it! Here’s to the start of a new adventure!