Get to know the Freedom Family

We have a vibrant team at Freedom Internet who are passionate to help you Make Life Happen! As a team we love the service we have to offer, and we can’t wait to share all our benefits with you!

So, Who is Freedom Internet and What do we do?

We are currently the leading provider of internet in Australia and New Zealand servicing apartment buildings and hotels. We are proud to deliver our high-speed internet to our guests and residents through working with Body Corporates, Developers, Building Managers and Building owners.

The benefits with us never stops! Not only are our installations are completely free of charge, our building partnerships include a revenue stream back to the building with complimentary internet for management purposes, and also providing an alternative for residents such as NO equipment fee’s, NO contracts and NO extra hassle!

Fun facts about us!

  • We were founded in 2010, as a result of our founder needing an internet solution for his investment apartments
  • We have over 500 buildings across Australia and New Zealand
  • Over 35,000 apartments have access to Freedom Internet
  • At Freedom Internet, we are extremely proud to say we have a 97% building retention rate.
  • Our three fun, vibrant offices are located in Auckland, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.
  • We have Fitbit and Wellness challenges every month of the year where we will do fun activities to increase those steps to having Wellness workshops to work on our own personal goals.
  • We are lucky enough to have 2 cheeky, lovable rescue dogs who join us in the office creating lots of fun! Casey is from Chained Dogs Rehoming and Rehabilitation NZ, Ollie is from Animal Welfare League Queensland.
  • We have a ‘Closenator’ trophy we proudly hand out across all our sales team with added surprise treats from the last recipient.
  • At Freedom Internet we love to celebrate! We have a celebration bell that get’s rung regularly!
  • We love a good bake-off so much that we host regular department morning tea
  • Every office has a Freedom Family board with personal photo’s on there to bring the homely feel into each office
  • Our unique selling point is “instant access to internet” and with every new product, this remains our key focus. (After-all, who wants to be without internet for 7-30 days?!)
  • The inspiration for the image for one of our values “love what we do” came from a story told by one of our Engineers about being stopped in the street by a happy customer for a high five!
  • Our flashing logo is a nod to the flashing lights we see on a modem
  • Every birthday is celebrated with a cake. If it’s your birthday you get to where a party hat for your cake cutting photo!

Want to know more about us?