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Freedom Digiboard is here!

Goodbye snap-lock frames, pin boards and printing!

Say hello to a simple, dynamic way to communicate with your residents! Due to the demand from our Body Corporate and Building Managers, we have launched a new product that will save time, money and hassle, while creating a sense of community through communication.



Freedom Digiboard is a smart apartment digital communication hub. We install a 49” screen into your apartment’s lobby, and provide all the technology and training to enable you or your Building Manager to keep your community informed.

A screen of this size is big enough to be noticed, but small enough not to take up too much wall space. These are high quality LG screens that look great and will enhance the appearance of the area in which they are placed. And if you wish we can provide smaller screens.


Once you’ve told us about the sort of things you would like to communicate, we’ll design some smart templates which will make it easy to change out messages and put up new content.

We think our eye-catching, rolling notice bar at the bottom of the screen will be a really valuable feature, especially if you have an urgent notice for residents.


You will have your own login so you can update Digiboard with ease. Changes can be made on the go, anywhere, anytime or you can schedule your notices in advance. We’ll show you how to manage multiple building communications from the palm of your hand.


A % of the screen time is yours! Communicate building notices, management hours, body corporate rules, health and safety info, maintenance notifications, events and more. As this is connected to Freedom Internet information can be update in real time.

The versatility of Freedom Digiboard means other parties can participate in your communication hub. We will use the other space to inform residents of our internet services, and down the track, other (carefully selected) advertisers.

We would be delighted to show and tell you more, contact your local Account Manager to book a demo today!




Want to know more?

Contact Us at info@freedominternet.org