A healthy workplace is a happy one!

From January 2017, our Freedom Internet owners decided to actively invest in the health and wellness of all their employees!

To start this, every team member received a FITBIT and now, all new employees receive one on their first day. Now we have regular step challenges by linking everyone up to Countlt and bringing in some Freedom fun by creating a team competition on the most steps achieved across the offices!

The first team challenge kicked off in February 2017 for a friendly competition between the Melbourne, New Zealand and Queensland offices. New Zealand took the lead and won a fantastic prize- a masseuse providing all the employee’s a fantastic neck and shoulder massage!

This was an excellent start to encouraging our team that a healthy lifestyle is also a fun one! Since then we have done heaps more challenges including wellness meetings where the team works on their own individual goals, a Vitamin C month to help keep those bugs away throughout winter, team walks to beautiful beaches and healthy picnics with competitive (but fun!) family sport games!

And we don’t stop there! Everyday we provide a fruit bowl for the team to munch on throughout the day, actively encourage everyone to keep hydrated to stay refreshed and have provided a station to massage out your back to keep those aches and pains away.

Our current winners from our last challenge are our lovely Gold Coast office! They have been sent the step trophy with some New Zealand lollies to congratulate them on their victory- However, our next step challenge is well on it’s way with every team ready to retrieve the trophy back and ‘step’ it up!

It’s safe to say we have provided a positive healthy environment for our Freedom family which we are very proud of, and our team loves how engerised they feel- and love how this positive energy can be used to help our customers! We take care of our team, so they can take care of our customers!

Look out for our team on their travels today- and don’t forget to ask how many steps they have taken and who’s winning the latest challenge! We will be sure to keep you updated!